Our team brings a wealth of policy knowledge, political savvy and crisis management expertise to help clients solve problems and create new opportunities for success. Learn more about our services below.

General Corporate Strategy

Whether your company is approaching new opportunities or troubleshooting problems, a strategic approach created with the advice of seasoned professionals can be what your business needs to take the next step forward. Let Civilis Strategies be the voice of experience your business can call upon to help you overcome obstacles or forge exciting new paths.

Government Relations

At Civilils Stategies, our consultants have years of real-world experience to help your business navigate the complicated world of state and local government. We work with each client to understand their goals and create a strategic plan based on their priorities. We then leverage our deep understanding of the way the government works and relationships built over decades of involvement in politics and business to advocate for our clients and seek new opportunities for them.

Non-Profit Strategy and Management

Just as our team zealously represents our corporate clients, we also assist companies and organizations who identify as nonprofit advocacy organizations. Whether you need assistance with launching a new organization, identifying influencers and creating policy positions, organizing nonprofit boards and steering committees, or creating strategic plans to satisfy short and long-term objectives, Civilis Strategies will employ its extensive nonprofit experience to advocate for your cause.

Political Consulting

It’s critical for organizations to be proactive and engaged politically to ensure proper representation. Our consultants have extensive state government experience and understand every aspect of the process from gathering issue-oriented research to developing a comprehensive political strategy. Let Civilis Strategies help you develop a winning approach.

Crisis Management

In the world of business, situations sometimes arise that require a deft hand to properly manage them. Sometimes you need both an objective opinion and a steadfast advocate to help you weather the storm, whether it’s caused by an internal issue, a government problem, or a media situation. If you’re dealing with a crisis, at Civilis Strategies we work to understand the situation from the inside out and help you create a plan to help you deal with it.

Special Events

Whether it’s a grand opening, a groundbreaking, an anniversary or other special function, our team of seasoned, creative professionals at Civilis Strategies will plan, organize and execute a truly memorable and solid event that brings recognition and enhances positioning for your product or business.